Blizzard 2018 Quattro 8.0 Ti skis

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Awesome new skis from Blizzard for those skiers who like to rip the groomers. NOW IN STOCK

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Blizzard Quattro is a collection of men’s and women’s skis specifically designed for groomed snow skiing. These skis are the most thoroughly designed and technologically advanced collection of groomed snow skis ever built.

Blizzard Quattro Design Concept

For groomed snow skiing we determined that Stability, Precision, Agility, and Control are the four key performance benefits that every skier is looking for in their ideal ski. However, we understand that these benefits have different meanings for each individual skier based on their ability and personal preference. Conceptually, each Blizzard Quattro model is specifically designed to optimize these key benefits for you.

The wind bites at your face as you increase speed and the forces start to build as you pressure your edges into the turn. You’re resisting gravity, feeling the skis bend under your feet and then release across the fall line. The trail is empty and the groomers untouched. The perfect moment that keeps you coming back, that gets you through the warm summer months. The Blizzard Quattro 8.0Ti is made for that moment. Blizzard’s ingenious IQ binding system gives the skis a large sweet spot and maximizes performance at any speed letting you do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it. The full wood core, Ti, sandwich construction delivers the power and stability Blizzard is known for. Find your perfect moment on the 8.0Ti.

Lengths:156, 162, 168, 174, 180 cm

Sidecut:;125-80-108 mm (174cm)

Radius:16.0m (174cm)

Construction: Sandwich Compound Ti Sidewall 

Binding: IQ TCX12  IQ System

4mm Tip & Tail Rocker

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