DPS Alchemist Nina 99 skis


The Nina A99 exhibits the best on and off edge performance, and the ability to get creative on the most versatile 99mm underfoot package ever designed.

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The world’s most advanced ski construction takes a significant evolutionary step forward. Alchemist Pure carbon skis are the ultimate expression of the craft. Next-level, vibration-tuned aerospace grade carbon ski construction melded with absolutely the finest in supporting materials. Alchemist skis retain the same historical shapes as their Pure3 predecessors, but due to the construction upgrades are notably damper and smoother in mixed and firmer conditions.

Based on the award-winning Yvette 112RP2 platform, the Nina A99 exhibits similar versatility in a narrower package. The Nina A99 utilizes the Yvette’s 3-D PaddleTech Geometry™—DPS’ original blend of rocker and variable sidecut. PaddleTech allows the skier to engage the Nina’s slightly cambered 18m underfoot turn radius for arcing g-loaded carves on hard snow. In soft or mixed snow, the skier draws on the gradually rockered paddle to get creative.

Dimensions 125/99/111 |

Radius: 16-19m @168cm

Sizes 158cm, 168cm, 176cm

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