K2 2020 Mindbender 90TI skis


We decided to focus on what is important to us – not as a manufacturer, but as skiers. So we let our engineers go wild, build their dream rides. And what they came back with? Well, the ALL-NEW Mindbender Collection. Tailored and targeted to kick up dust, blast pow, and knife on hardpack. We built the dream whips you wish you already had.

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Not every day is hero pow and waist-deep trenchtown. But when that high pressure sets in, you still gotta put ‘em down and rip. So take on the hardpack, the blown out sastrugi – yeah that’s a word – and churn and burn no matter what’s in front of you.


At the core of the Mindbender Collection is the Torsion Design Control Design Philosophy. It’s a notion that edge grip and driftability don’t have to be mutually exclusive. So from that, we developed two tech solutions intended to create skis that initiate and grip through the forebody, without sacrificing the ability to drift and cut free on the backend.

So what does that mean for your everyday on-hill skiing? These freaks are built to blast but won’t let you down when you get in over your head and have to shut ‘er down.


Our First tech solution is Titanal Y-Beam. With strategically designed Titanal geometry, the Y-Beam tunes torsional flex without affecting longitudinal flex. This delivers the highest level of precision and stability in a damp, stable platform.

  • 127/90/114
  • 17.9m @ 184
  • 1924g @ 184

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